© The Stauros Foundation (known as Stauros) is a Scottish Charity, SC014253
While the coronavirus pandemic has had a widespread impact on our world, our country and even our ministry, it is good to give thanks to God for His continued goodness to us in so many ways. Like a lot of ministries and churches we have had to think on our feet and find ways of being creative in continuing to minister the Gospel to the folk we work with. Our staff continue to be busy on a daily basis offering a range of different ways of support and pastoral care, Facetime, phone calls, texts and one-to-one visits with social distancing, there are quite a few people coming to our centre at Straidhavern for help and support. (More people presenting with mental health issues over last few months) We have also had to change the venues of some of our Stauros meetings from people’s homes to public places. Also, all our staff from England, Scotland, IOM, USA and Northern Ireland are able to meet every Monday morning for staff devotions and check in, plus the first Wednesday night of each month we meet through Zoom for prayer. (Zoom has really been a God send, at first, I personally found it a bit awkward and uncomfortable, (still do) but the more I use it the less uncomfortable I feel.) I suppose that’s one of the many changes I have had to get used to. As you can see a lot is going on, and we are so thankful to God in His provision that has allowed us to continue to fulfil our ministry through these difficult days ‘He is still the same yesterday, today and forever’. I would like to take this opportunity personally and on behalf of all at Stauros to thank you all for your continued prayers and financial support in partnering with Stauros over many years and especially through these difficult days. Be assured of our prayers for you all through these uncertain times, and may your heart be encouraged as you continue to put your faith in God. Yours in Christ Roy Brown General Director