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Pastoral Care in Stauros

The basic approach of the Stauros Foundation is one-to-one pastoral care using counselling skills. In Stauros there are six practical elements to our pastoral care. First, we emphasize the importance of befriending. The key concept here is establishing a rapport with the client by actively listening, and establishing a “working relationship” that develops mutual respect and trust. Second, we assess the client in two ways. Initially pastoral care may aim at helping the client answer the question, “Do I have a problem with drink?” Subsequently pastoral care involves establishing an holistic view of the client’s physical, emotional, rational, volitional and moral / spiritual condition. Third, pastoral care also involves helping the client develop his or her own motivation to change. Fourth, we help clients make the necessary plans to actually stop drinking or using illicit drugs. Fifth, our approach includes addressing any underlying rational, emotional or behavioral patterns that may underpin continued drinking. Sixth, pastoral care also involves building a Christian lifestyle that maintains change. In this phase relationship issues are explored, especially marital, personal and family relationships. Pray for Stauros as we offer friendship to people with addiction problems. Pray for mutual respect and trust to develop quickly and to be focused on Christ. Pray for those clients who make a profession of faith to be able to go on to know Christ as Lord as well as Saviour.

Stauros Meetings

Stauros meetings are an integral part of the approach Stauros adopts. They are not in themselves an answer to people’s problems. They operate best when the leader and/or volunteers who run the meeting care for those who attend in a pastoral way. As a pastoral relationship develops with a number of people it may become possible for them to meet together for mutual support. A Stauros meeting has three clear aims. First, it provides the opportunity for a Bible based talk, which covers a theme relevant to people with substance addiction issues. Second, it provides an opportunity to encourage individuals who have been converted to Christ to develop their faith. Stauros does not proselytize people to any particular doctrinal school of thought, mode of worship or denominational affiliation. Rather the meeting is designed to ground individuals in the basics of the Christian faith, teaching them how to cope with life in a Christian way. Third, a Stauros meeting provides an opportunity for people to feel that others care for them, understand their issues and accept them for who and what they are. With these aims in view, a Stauros meeting always has a time of open and honest prayer; it always has a reading from the Bible, which is then taught or preached from; it always has a time of open sharing around the themes presented in the talk. Pray for the presence of the Lord to reign in all our Stauros meetings. Pray for those who lead the meetings to keep everyone focused on Christ despite interruptions. Pray for the faithful teaching and preaching of God’s word, that it will be relevant and delivered in the power of the Holy Spirit.
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