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The Problem with Alcohol

Alcohol Dependent Syndrome

The Alcohol Dependence Syndrome is a way of describing alcohol addiction. It includes seven symptoms. First, there is a narrowing of drinking repertoire, which means that an individual repeatedly chooses the same type of drink for effect. Second, alcohol becomes increasingly more important in the drinker’s life, more important than other things such as marriage responsibilities and morality. Third, the amount consumed needs to be increased in order to achieve the desired effect. This is necessary as the individual’s body becomes tolerant to alcohol. When large amounts of alcohol, are consumed over long periods of time the body begins to shut down, so that there is a reverse tolerance, where smaller amounts of alcohol have a large effect. Fourth, a drinker may experience withdrawal symptoms if the blood alcohol level drops below a certain level. Withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and psychological. Fifth, drinking is often resumed to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Sixth, the drinker experiences a strong inner drive to drink, sometimes called craving. Seventh, the reinstatement of a dependent pattern of drinking is re-established quickly after a period of abstinence, even if this period has been some years.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for people who experience withdrawal, often accompanied by an intense fear of stopping. Pray for people who want to stop that they will get good medical advice to keep them safe. Pray for those who want to stop but experience craving – sometimes people have said that the Lord takes craving away, but not all!
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