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The Problem with Alcohol

Antisocial Behaviour

The relationship between antisocial behaviour and alcohol is not as straightforward as might be thought. It is not always easy to decide which comes first, the drinking or the antisocial behaviour. For example, alcohol may cause or facilitate antisocial behaviour. Alternatively, some individuals may already be antisocial and engage in a variety of behaviours that express it, one of which may be drinking alcohol to excess. Third, the relationship between antisocial behaviour and alcohol may be a combination of these two factors. Some research has shown that a tendency towards antisocial behaviour is a causal predisposing factor to alcohol misuse. Among the Stauros people over half had been arrested for an alcohol related offence (59%), and slightly fewer had been convicted of a crime related to harmful drinking. Only a small percentage (17%) reported they had served a prison sentence for an alcohol related offence. Two other factors play an important role in understanding the link between antisocial behaviour and alcohol misuse. First, personality traits play a role, and those who have dis- inhibiting behaviour elements are more likely to be antisocial and to misuse alcohol. Secondly, psychosocial considerations also need to be noted and these include the extent and nature of parental control such individuals have experienced growing up through adolescence.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for communities and housing estates where antisocial behavior is prevalent, that the Lord will invade such places with grace and truth. Pray for Stauros staff who visit people in such areas, that the Lord will keep them safe and use them to bring light into difficult circumstances.