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The Problem with Alcohol

Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

There are some obvious consequences to alcohol abuse. First, there are consequences to physical health. For example, 79% of Stauros people found it necessary to visit a doctor because of their drinking, over two thirds (70%) had been prescribed medication and 64% found themselves so ill they needed to spend time in hospital. In general if people abuse alcohol long enough they are likely to experience health issues with their mouth, throat, oesophagus, stomach and duodenum. They are likely to have issues with their liver, blood pressure, heart and pancreas. Their brain will also demonstrate the stress of having alcohol in the bloodstream and a lack of thiamine or vitamin B. Second, there are consequences to mental health. The most common negative mental health issue experienced by individuals who persistently abuse alcohol is depression. However, short-term memory loss is also common and is sometimes linked to blackouts, which refer to an inability to remember events, places or conversations. A blackout is not unconsciousness; rather the person may be functioning in an apparently normal fashion,but later be unable to remember anything. Nightmares and horrors may also be experienced. Third, there are consequences to emotional health. Over three quarters (78%) of Stauros people said that they used to feel good about themselves, but alcohol had robbed them of such feelings. Furthermore, 77% said that they had experienced irrational fear as a result of harmful drinking.
Prayer Pointer
As you pray for people with alcohol addiction, pray for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.
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