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The Problem with Alcohol

Different Types of People

In Stauros we have found a high percentage of the people who come to us for help have to face emotional difficulties on a daily basis. For example, a very high percentage (83%) have shared with us that often their moods go up and down, and that they would describe themselves as being a “worrier” (78%). Some have told us that they often feel “fed up” (69%), that they feel lonely (60%) and would call themselves a nervous person (51%). For people like this they are likely to be over anxious, to worry and frequently feel depressed. He or she is not likely to sleep well and will have other health issues. They find they over-react emotionally to things and find it difficult to stay on an even keel. On the other hand, we have found people coming for help who are quite a different type of person. Around two thirds of our people described themselves as being “rather lively” (64%) and “a talkative person” (62%). They confirmed that, in their opinion, other people think of them as being very lively, and that they could “easily get some life into a dull party”! This type of person has a strong draw towards being sociable. Alcohol plays an obvious role in social contexts and drinking as an activity helps facilitate the process of meeting with others. For people like this, finding a new social context to belong to, one where they are safe and secure from temptations is essential for their long-term recovery.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for people who are natural worriers, that the Lord will help them think clearly about their hope of life in Christ. Pray for people who are sociable and lively, that the Lord will help them find a new set of friends with whom to socialize. Pray for Stauros staff as they try to help people who have quite different personality types.
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