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The Problem with Alcohol

Drinking Practice

Drinking practice refers to how individuals engage in drinking activity, and what their drinking behaviour looks like in reality. An issue with alcohol may take various forms but one of the most obvious ways to identifying it is by considering an individual’s drinking behaviour. There are four aspects of drinking behaviour which the majority of people in the Stauros fellowship identified with. First, 92% came to a point in their life where they admitted their drinking was out of control. Second, a considerable number (80%) reported that they craved alcohol. This highlights that drinking behaviour often involves a sense of compulsion. However, it is important to point out that not everyone with an alcohol problem could identify with craving. Indeed some (16%) reported that they had an issue with alcohol but had no craving! Third, it was also common for over three quarters (78%) of drinkers to experience a deep feeling of remorse. Remorse refers to deep regret or guilt and infers a moral dimension to drinking unhealthily. It is significant that, although many experience remorse, regret and guilt, these negative emotions in themselves are not enough to effect a change in behaviour. Fourth, almost three quarters (74%) reported that they had to conceal how much they drank. This implies that drinkers are uncomfortable with others knowing the amount they drink or the extent of their drinking behaviour.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for people who feel guilty about their drinking behavior, that the Holy Spirit will bring deep conviction that is more profound than regret. Pray for people who try to hide their drinking from others as well as themselves. Pray for people to come to the realization that their life is out of control and that they will turn to Christ for help.
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