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The Problem with Alcohol

Drinking and Families

Drinking affects whole families and especially children. Almost without exception (92%) Stauros people admitted that their drinking made family life unhappy, although a much smaller percentage (45%) admitted that their drinking had spoiled their relationship with their children. It was a common report that children felt that the persistent drinking of a parent meant that parent no longer cared about them. Not being cared for was the conclusion family members came to for a number of reasons. Although not in every case, it was common for them to have been lied to, abused in a variety of ways and to have suffered in ways few people who have not been close to such an individual can understand. It must be said that drinkers, in the majority of cases, do not intentionally cause such pain. Sadly, drinkers can come to see their family as a hindrance to unrestricted drinking, and can chose to abandon family relationships to afford themselves the freedom to drink the way they wish. However, when parents drink sometimes children suffer. Any type of maltreatment in the context of parental drinking has the potential to cause emotional and behavioural problems, lowered social competencies and self-esteem in their children.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for the safety of children affected by the alcohol abuse of their parents, for them to find solace and comfort from other family members or close friends. Pray for emotional health of children growing up in hostile or toxic families, where they may hear and see things that are detrimental to their well-being. Pray for Stauros as we try to help everyone in a family affected by alcohol addiction.
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