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The Problem with Alcohol

Drinking and Marriage

It is well known that excessive alcohol use can have a detrimental effect on marriage relationships and partnerships. Almost half of our Stauros friends (47%) confirmed that alcohol had contributed to the breakup of a former relationship. Furthermore, over three quarters (77%) said that alcohol had had a negative effect on the individual’s marriage / partner relationship. Almost without exception (92%) people who develop a problem with alcohol feel guilt about their behaviour towards their spouse or partner. It is not difficult to see that alcohol dependency not only impacts the drinker, but has a profound impact upon their loved ones as well. Initially, episodes of drunkenness may be considered as isolated incidents caused by tiredness, worry or stress – they may even be considered as normal. However, such episodes may become prolonged and occur more frequently, and as this happens family tolerance weakens. Confrontation between partners often results when it becomes obvious that the individual’s drinking is no longer normal or acceptable. To avoid confrontation the drinker may become secretive while deepening his or her resolve to continue drinking as normal, planning when to buy alcohol and how to drink without others being concerned. Even when it is so painfully obvious that the individual has been drinking, the drinker and the family move into deadlock where denial causes stalemate.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for marriages to be restored when people turn their lives over to Christ. Pray for people to have courage to face the truth about their drinking and to move away from denial. Pray for harmony in family homes where tension and fear can be so destructive.
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