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The Problem with Alcohol

Drinking Motives

“Why do people drink too much?” is a question many people ask. In Stauros we asked over 200 people and we found some interesting answers. The majority of people, almost three quarters (74%), said they drank because all their friends drank socially, but over two thirds (69%) said they never felt pressurized into drinking. Drinking was a shared activity among these people, as they wanted to conform to the peer group they identify with. Very high percentages of Stauros people drank to over come shyness (79%) and to help them relate to other people in a social context (87%). Sometimes individuals felt the need for confidence in a social context. Many Stauros people drank because it made them feel good (95%), indeed 80% reported they drank because it made them feel better about themselves. But many also said they drank to take away negative feelings. Over three quarters (76%) said they drank because their mind was troubled, and even more (82%) because their feelings were troubled. Many Stauros people use alcohol as a coping mechanism. Many said they drank to cope with their insecurities (82%), with stress (71%) or to help them forget the past (68%).
Prayer Pointers
Pray for people who lack confidence and who drink because it makes them feel better about themselves. Pray for people who drink because they are unhappy for one reason or another, that they will find courage to share their problems and be set free in Christ. Pray for those who live in places where drink is the prevalent culture, for those who find it difficult to escape its influence.
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