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The Problem with Alcohol

Parental Alcohol Abuse

In Stauros we have found that many of the people who come to us for help have been brought up in homes where either mother or father have abused alcohol – in some cases from homes where both parents abused alcohol. For example, over half (53%) declared that their fathers abused alcohol, and almost one third (30%) declared that their brother, significant other (30%) and their grandfather (29%) abused alcohol. Almost one quarter (23%) declared that their mother abused alcohol. It is a sad fact that when parents drink, sometimes children suffer. In our research we have found there to be a clear association between a father’s alcohol abuse and the experience of both physical and emotional abuse by their children. In a similar way we also found a clear association between a mother’s alcohol abuse and the experience of emotional abuse by their children. Some other researchers (Shin, H.S., Edwards, E.M. and Heeren, T. (2009), Child abuse and neglect: relations to adolescent binge drinking in the national longitudinal study of Adolescent Health study, Addictive Behaviors, 34, pp 277 – 280) have demonstrated that when children experience abuse in this way, within the context of their own home, they are much more susceptible to engage in binge drinking than other adolescents who have not been subject to their home experience.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for children growing up in difficult circumstances troubled by the drinking behavior of their parents. Pray for whole families to be impacted by the gospel through the work of Stauros. Pray the healing of the Holy Spirit to be evident in lives touched by negative experiences.
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