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How You Can Help

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Sometimes when people hear about the work of Stauros they ask, “Is there any way in which I can be of some help?” Our answer is “Yes”! Example One of the most practical steps you can take is to commit to a lifestyle that is alcohol and drug free. There is no compulsion to be a total abstainer, but it is a practical step people sometimes take in order to set a good example for “the weaker brother”. Finance Stauros is a faith-based agency that is supported financially by individuals and trusts who share our belief in the Christian message, and our burden for those touched by addiction. We do not receive government funding for any aspect of our work, and are totally reliant on the generosity of God’s people. At the back of this booklet there is further information about giving to Stauros. Prayer Perhaps the most effective way you can help us is to pray for us. This booklet is designed to help you pray effectively for people and the problems they face. It is designed to inform your prayers with details to inspire depth and substance. Financial information Stauros is grateful to the Lord for all His provision over the years. We have been truly blessed. In the past we have benefited from people’s generosity in three ways: Donation Sometimes individuals feel prompted to send a donation to the work. Cheques or postal orders are made payable to: Stauros Foundation. Please put the full name on the cheque or postal order as the bank will not accept Stauros on it’s own. These can sent to us by post. Standing order Sometimes individuals wish to give regularly to the work, either monthly, or annually. There is a standing order form here for this purpose. Please fill in and send back to us by post. Gift aid Sometimes people who pay tax fill in a gift aid form found here, which allows Stauros to benefit from the tax paid on the amount received either as a donation or a standing order. For example, a gift of £100 with gift aid means Stauros would receive £125. Please fill in and send back to us by post. Credit/debit card Please follow this link to give by credit/debit card. This will by processed Stewardship UK.