© The Stauros Foundation (known as Stauros) is a Scottish Charity, SC014253
What Stauros Does

Who Does Stauros Help?

Between March 2004 and May 2008 Stauros undertook an in-depth research project in order to best understand the people who come to us for help. From this research we were able to draw up a rudimentary profile of a typical person who comes to us for help. We found that, typically, we support more men than women. The men who come to us have been drinking for between eight to twelve years, and the women for at least three years. Our contacts are most likely to be between 30 to 50 years of age and to be married or in a relationship. Individuals are as likely to be employed as out of work, and are most likely to describe themselves as semi-skilled, skilled or semi-professional people. Most declared they were middle, lower middle or working class by background. Perhaps most significant of all was that the majority admitted to having had to face an emotional trauma in life, and / or the death of a close relative or friend. These are very broad generalizations, but this brief profile provides an initial understanding of the people who come to Stauros for help. It is important to us in Stauros that we concentrate on understanding the person just as much as their addiction. This profile illustrates the importance Stauros places on an holistic view of individuals, focusing on the person as much as the problem.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for everyone, whatever age they are, when they make their first appointment to talk about their problems. Pray for people to have the ability to talk about things they have kept secret, perhaps for many years. Pray for those who instinctively hide the truth about themselves because they are afraid or ashamed.